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The sun began to rise on a new day for the Trancy mansion. There was no sign that a party had happened the night before. Claude had entered the room that Alois and Raven had been in the night before. Alois groaned. He quickly got up when he saw he was not in his room. Then, when he saw Raven's peaceful sleeping face, he remembered what had happened. Claude had lay out clothes for Alois on the bed and laying on a chair was a deep blue dress for when Raven awoke.

Claude helped dress Alois. Alois couldn't get his eyes off of Raven.

"When will she wake up?" Alois asked. Claude said nothing. Alois got this annoyed look on his face then changed to excitement as Raven began to stir.


(Raven's POV)

I woke up to the sun shining on my face. Alois was sitting on the bed having his boots tied by his butler. He was looking at me with a huge smile on his face. It still felt that I had no clothes under the blanket. Across the room I noticed a navy blue dress laying on a chair.

"Claude, she's up," Alois cried standing up with his boots all tied. "I want to watch you dress her!" he said excited. My head ached and I couldn't grasp everything that was going on. All I remembered was pleasure, pain, and passing out. Maybe that was everything.

"I...I can...dress myself," I whispered. My chest ached.

"As long as you're with me you won't have to," Alois laughed leaning over me. Instantly, he pulled off the covers revealing my body. Futily, I tried to cover myself with my hands. "Claude!"

"Yes, your highness," the butler bowed then brought over the dress. Before I could argue, Alois pulled me up by my arm and I was standing in front of his butler.

The dressing was uncomfortable for me. I swear he tied the corset too tight and that the dress was heavy. How did rich people dress like this? Alois seemed to be impressed with how I looked because his smile widened.

"Now let's get breakfast," again I was being pulled by the arm. He led me out of the room and through the halls until we reached a room with a round table. There were eggs, bacon, sausage, milk, and juice. A maid stood nearby as well as triplet servants with purple hair Alois let go of my arm and sat at the table filling his plate. There was a chair next to him at his right. "Come sit," he patted the seat then took a bite of sausage. I did so and nervously filled the plate in front of me. "Go ahead and eat! You're my special guest," Alois giggled and continued to eat his own food. Slowly, I ate. A part of me was still depressed about the situation I was in. Alois seemed to notice my sadness and frowned. His eyes looked deeply into my own and I knew he wanted me to be happy.

"I..." I tried to speak, but could not seem to find my voice.

"It's OK," Alois smiled softly as if he knew what I was going to say. The maid nearby seemed to have surprise in her eyes. Alois noticed and glared at her, causing her to look down. What made me curious was why were one of her eyes bandaged? Alois finished eating and impatiently tapped his fingers while I finished. When my plate was empty, Alois stood up.

"Now the fun can begin," is all he said as he dragged me out the door.


A week had gone by and I was again dressed for a ball. Sadly I could not go down into the ballroom until Alois allowed it. Dressed as a dark angel, with black feather wings, and my Lolita dress, I stared as Alois was again a vampire. He dragged me to the ballroom with his butler behind us. Alois went about talking with people as I stood to the side like a wall adornment. There was a boy at the other end of the refreshment table who was keeping a close eye on Alois. His hair was a blueish-black and he had an eye patch. Curious, I stepped up to him and he looked at me with malice in his eyes.

"Are you Ciel Phantomhive?" I asked nervously.

"Yes, and you're the girl who came in with Alois," he brought up. There seemed to be hatred in his voice.

"I'm sorry, but do you hate him or something?" then as the music began to play Ciel became distracted. His butler followed his master's gaze to Alois grabbing a girl dressed as a Native American's hand do dance. She seemed nervous and once she saw Ciel she called his name. Frustrated, Ciel grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor. I was so shocked that I had no idea what to say or do! It was easy to tell Ciel had as much difficulty with the dancing as I did. Soon Alois and Ciel were back to back. Alois smiled at Ciel with his vampire fangs and Ciel glared. How did I get dragged into this mess? As soon as the song ended I was released and the girl Alois danced with ran to Ciel. Alois came to stand by me. When the next song started Alois danced with me and Ciel with the other girl. I must have been blushing because Alois had that crazy look in his eye as if he was enjoying how awkward I felt about ballroom dancing.

The ball finally ended late in the night and lay on my bed thinking of the night's events. Why didn't Alois want me there until his official arrival to the ball? I could have waited for him! Alois sat on my bed looking at me, waiting for me to fall asleep. He did this every night since I had met him. At first it was hard to fall asleep with someone watching me but I have learned to want it.


A couple days after the ball I grew sick. Alois cried to his butler in worry. We did not understand how I got sick, but I felt awful and was running a fever. At the end of the week Alois was going to invite Ciel to a private dance. He had wanted me to be there to watch the events as well. Yet, I had to stay in bed all week, until that day.

Even though I was still sick, I got myself up to be with Alois. He was extremely happy about this day. I could barely keep my eyes open.

"If you are so tired you shouldn't be out here. I don't want my play thing broken," Alois teased. Sighing, I agreed knowing he was right. It seemed difficult to get back to my room, but once I was there I was out like a light.

A commotion had woken me from my dream. There was crying coming from down the hall that sounded like it was coming from Alois. It was as if he were in pain, but for some reason I could not get up. My whole body felt exhausted even though I had just been asleep. Soon I could not keep my eyes open much longer. A single tear passed down my cheek knowing I could not and would not see Alois again.


(3rd POV)

Alois lay bandaged in bed. He requested that Raven be moved to his room. Claude entered the room with a stoic look on his face and a limp Raven in his arms. Instantly, Alois tried to sit up, but then cried out in pain and lay back down. Claude lay the dead girl next to Alois who's eyes were filled with physical pain and grief.

"How could this have happened?" he huffed tiredly. Tears continuously flowed down his cheeks.

"She had an unknown sickness. There was nothing we could do," Claude stated.

"I shouldn't have let her leave me!" Alois finally screamed. He sobbed and lay his head on her chest. With his hand he felt her cheek. What was once warn was now cold as stone.

"I will leave her with you for now, but later I will place her back in her room until tomorrow," Claude bowed and left Alois alone in the room.

"Why does anything I love leave me?" Alois sobbed thinking also of his brother. Soon Alois was in a deep sleep.


The next morning Alois pushed himself too hard. He passed Raven's room looking at what could have been her just sleeping, but he knew better. He went in and kissed her forehead.

"We didn't even get to say good bye," he whispered then left the room.
WARNING: Change in POV

Alois Trancy from Black Butler by Yana Toboso

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